a business conference in disguise:
PEOPLE, PURPOSe, progress
scotland 2019, october 18-20
speaker and workshops:

serial entrepreneur, author, farmer and father of six




Charlie’s career started in the music business when he was head of A & R at Warners Music and managed a band that were signed to EMI. He left music to move to the Highlands of Scotland where he farmed, grew trees and launched one of Britain’s biggest Christmas tree farms. He continues to work on these and has also founded and continues to run various businesses including homewares and vintage specialists Pedlars, two substantial farm shops with cafes, a gastro pub, an events space and a festival, The Good Life Experience. In 2019 he launched Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages which offers luxury accommodation and experiences in The Highlands. In May 2019 he launched a micro festival/summer camp called Camp Glen Dye. He is the co author (with Caroline, his wife) of The Family Guide to the Great Outdoors (Random House) and hosts The Mavericks Podcast. He and Caroline have six children whom they brought up in The Highlands.


Marcel lives in the north of The Netherlands in the province Drenthe, together with his wife Marjon, daughter Susa, son Wout and cat Muis (mouse). He enjoys his daily early morning walks and runs in the countryside. He works as a creative strategist and strategic creative as Happykamping, an eclectic distributed network of thinkers and doers for a wide variety of clients, helping them with their preferably complex challenges. Marcel keeps work and play in balance by continually initiating new projects to playfully explore different topics in the field of society, culture and technology, like his current Happyplaces Project. He regularly organises and is involved in, (informal) creative social events to bring people together to create a better and shared understanding and to create better realities. He is the creative director of WeMakeThe.City, the festival that makes cities better and a bunch of other things.

happykamping.com / happyplaces project / we make the city


the mac twins

PHOTOGRAPHER of film and leica uk ambassador


Whether performing all over the world for Diet Coke, Armani, MAC Cosmetics, on tour with the UK’s biggest music institution The Official Charts or opening festival stages, The Mac Twins’ unique talent is their ability to connect with any audience – large or small – and keep it real.

As well as being the Official DJ’s for Love Island where they can be see playing live on ITV2 every Sunday night, the girls’ are presenters on Virgin Radio. 

Lisa and Alana Macfarlane (The Mac Twins) co-founded The Gut Stuff with India Wardrop just over a year ago. Twins are a great constant for medical research and Alana and Lisa became the “chief guinea pigs” for Prof Tim Spector and the Twin Research department at Kings College, where they discovered that despite having 100% the same DNA their guts have only 40% the same microbiota, which could explain why their bodies behave so differently – if they can’t be sold the same diet/lifestyle, no one can.

They made it their mission to bring the exciting information they were learning, to the masses (not just the “wellbeing aware” middle classes) and have since made The Gut Stuff the global thought leader in the space. They knew as people devoured the information that they’d want to know which products to bring into their lives that were both efficacious, delicious and affordable. They were the first e-commerce online shop for Gut Health.

The Mac Twins / The Gutt Stuff

‘I Was Born In The Rossendale Vally, Lancashire And Grew Up With A Love Of The Landscape And A Curiosity For People. I Use This To Create Work For Clients And My Own Projects.’

Photographer for The DO Lectures, Sawdays Travel, Timothy Everest Tailoring, Millican Bags, Welsh Government. Book with Author Louisa Thomsen Brits. Jim produces all his work on film rather than digital and believes now more than ever it's a medium worth embracing.

He also runs photography workshops for Leica around the UK alongside his own workshops and teaching college students the joys of shooting film.

Jim will be running a workshop called 'Learning to see'.



jenny theolin
Designer & Educator

NIc shayler
one half of ape, mother of four


Leading connecting people and ideas, Jenny founded Studio Theolin based in Stockholm Sweden. Creating events and experiences designed to get people thinking, talking and doing since 2009. With eighteen years experience working in the design industry, Jenny can now be found working with some of the world’s leading schools, as well as helping corporate companies become learning organisations through co-designing internal processes and programs. Creating learning experiences for individuals, schools and businesses within areas such as technology, design thinking, communication, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship.

Jenny is also part of Group of Humans, a distributed curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists, and creatives in the world, all of whom share a belief that technology should be harnessed not for efficiency but for the benefit of people, society and the environment.

What is the value of our collective intelligence, and how can we harness our combined knowledge to navigate uncertainty? Jenny will be facilitating a camp fire coaching session harnessing our connected experiences to inspire collaboration, innovation and pride.  “In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.” - Ikujiro Nonaka

studio theolin / group of humans


Nic Shayler is one half of This is Ape, a business focused on coaching sustainable innovation within a multitude of industries and disciplines, disrupting the status-quo within those disciplines and subsequently opening the eyes of independent and corporate companies alike. Nic will be leading an outdoor yoga session followed by a gentle campfire discussion. Gently stretching our bodies and minds.
Nic Shayler / This is Ape


james sills
Musician and vocal leader

Charles fanshawe
moorswood founder


James is a musician and vocal leader with a passion for bringing people together to sing. He believes that singing together is a fundamental part of being human, fostering community, creativity and wellbeing. He leads a number of weekly open-access choirs, including workplace choirs in healthcare settings and a homeless choir. James also delivers vocal workshops for groups and organisations across the UK, with a focus on inclusivity and confidence-building.

His conviction in the transformative power of group singing has led James to give talks at Do Lectures (West Wales) and Creative Mornings (New York). This is also the subject of his first book ‘Do Sing: Reclaim Your Voice and Find Your Singing Tribe’, which will be published by Do Book Company in September 2019.

James is choirmaster at The Good Life Experience, a festival in North Wales curated by Cerys Matthews and Charlie Gladstone and is a member of the all-male acappella troupe The Spooky Men’s Chorale, with whom he has performed at festivals around the word. His also a contributing songwriter and member of Rough Island Band, a contemporary folk quartet based in Isles of Scilly,

When he’s not singing or making music, he can be found walking and trail running around the hills in North Wales where he lives with his family and vinyl collection.




‘I have always enjoyed tinkering about making things; out of wood, leather and other various materials. Craft, creativity, exploring and outdoor picnics are a passion in our household. Our field rugs are born out of a combination of all of these passions and one final catalyst. I am a volunteer member of our local Search and Rescue Team on Dartmoor, a team affiliated and trained to the national standard of Mountain Rescue England and Wales. It was whilst out training one damp winters night, when the idea for our Ramblers Roll's came about. Some of our Team stopped for a well earned tea break and I watched as different people sat in different spaces and on different things. A map here, a rucksack there and even a bit of old sleeping mat. I realised then that we needed a solo adventure mat, small enough to roll up and carry with you. At least then you don't have to sit on your map, you need to look at that when you drink your tea!’