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Photo: Hannah Evans at Rocksalt Photography

Photo: Hannah Evans at Rocksalt Photography

Since 2015, JoJo and Barrie have been celebrating and sharing great tastes at The High Street Delicatessen in mid-Wales. They handpick food and drink producers who do what they do with passion and purpose and fill shelves with products which tell tales of place and provenance. Their small high street delicatessen is a place to hang out in, to slow down, to meet friends - old and new - to relax and take your time. It speaks of global food influences delivered to the heart of a local community. 





The With Love Project started as a idea to find and document a small amount of people who produce things with a passion and purpose. Asking one single question along the way... "Why do you do what you do?” We wanted to meet 5 people and produce a small book of the people we met. Nearly 40 makers, producers and manufacturers later we've managed to finish the book, we've also created a film and documented all our visits on this site. We are constantly searching for new stories, new people who truly love what they do to document and work with.


Canopy and Stars

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 Canopy & Stars have a wonderful collection of quirky places of a glamping kind across the uk. Four of which are at our location for Scotland 2018.


Break fluid coffee


Break Fluid is speciality coffee for those who want to spend more time drinking it than talking about it!
Break Fluid Coffee Co is a partnership of two friends, Chris Woodage and Ant Oram.





The Loch Fyne Whiskies are a tiny shop in the royal borough of Inveraray with a huge knowledge of whisky. And it’s that knowledge, which has been gained from talking with their customers over the last 22 years, that makes them different.

A huge range of whiskies, from their very own blends and well-known malts to rare bottlings and irreplaceable expressions.

They will be at Basecamp to help. To un-complicate the apparently complicated, speaking in plain language and with their legendary service.

The Loch Fyne Whiskies