A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world
— John le Carre

Penny Lee, founder of Walking Whisky Wellness, ‘a business conference in disguise’, has always been inspired by those doing things differently. Being surrounded by and spending time with those who dare to do different helps all of us who are looking toward that direction.

We bring together industry experts and great creative minds for some truly beneficial walking and talking, sharing of ideas and making worthy connections. The mission: To do business differently.

Why is serious business always deemed to be in offices and behind desks? Why do conferences have to be in conference halls with legendary bad food? Why do they have to be things we can’t wait to get away from?

We believe in getting more people to do their business outside, because being amongst great minds and ideas in the great outdoors is good for everyone.

Networking doesn’t have to be sufferable but rather sharing great times makes for the most worthy and deeper lasting connections. We keep it small, very small. Small gatherings is another preference to give people real space to think and connect.

It’s about stripping things back to business how nature intended. Fresh air, excellent food, really good drinks and really interesting people doing interesting things with work, and that’s it. And when you put them in a really interesting place, then magic happens.

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Photo:  Jim Marsden