Connecting great ideas in the great outdoors.

We tailor walking experiences. Getting out from behind desks and screens for a while and going for some fresh thinking in the fresh air.

Experiences based around connecting with people in the outdoors for some thinking on our feet. Led by experts, taking the city knowledge and bringing it into the outdoors. Making worthy connections without the network cringe. Brainstorming without the distractions. Team building without the raft building shenanigans. A more gentle natural approach. 

Whisky and gin tastings combined with great food local to the area we walk give time to stimulate, share and brew those ideas. A true body and mind excursion. The great outdoors in style. You never know where it may lead…simply it started with a walk. 

If you have a team, group or project you think could really benefit being brought together for some connecting and fresh thinking outdoors, please get in touch and let us tailor a complete experience just for you.