‘Research shows time and again that getting outside, spending time in nature and breathing the fresh air really stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. I thought to myself, why are business conferences and meetings always indoors? Why can’t we do this stuff outside? That’s where walking whisky wellness and the idea of ‘do your business outside’ came from.’ – FOunder, Penny Lee

Walking Whisky Wellness is founded by Penny Lee. With a background in creative businesses, Penny now brings her tried and tested formula of getting mind space, connecting and enjoying the great outdoors in style. Bringing industry experts and great creative minds for some truly beneficial walking and talking, sharing of ideas and making worthy connections. Great minds and ideas in the great outdoors. The mission: Get more people to do their business outside. It’s good for all of us.

Photo credit:  Jim Marsden

Photo credit: Jim Marsden



spaces for leaders, creators and innovators from a range of industries and paths to share great ideas in the great outdoors

What it is

Walking whisky wellness isn’t about ‘getting away from it all’. It’s not a digital detox or a spa retreat. You can keep your phone. You can even send the odd email (if you can get signal). It’s not about ‘switching off’.

But it is about taking your business or work - whatever that is - outside, away from the office, into a new space with new people, where new ideas can flow and new connections can be made. It’s literally your opportunity to think outside of the box. It’s an investment in you and the work you do.  

great ideas in the great outdoors

What’s involved

At WWW gatherings you’ll have the opportunity to meet a broad range of like minded folk from a variety of industry paths. You’ll spend time learning, walking and talking together to stimulate free thinking, nurture new relationships and plan for future collaborations.

Maybe you have an idea you want to work through, or maybe you just want to meet people and hear their story.  Whatever you intend to get out of it, we promise you’ll get even more.

As well as meeting and connecting with each other, you’ll get to hear from a range of expert speakers in stunning outdoor locations with whisky tastings combined with great food. Give time to stimulate, share and brew those ideas. A true body and mind excursion. The great outdoors in style. You never know where it may lead…simply it started with a walk. 

Meeting people is fun. Networking is not.

Networking is similar to meeting people but happens at speed, in stuffy rooms and with crap coffee. Walking Whisky Wellness is like networking but happens slowly, in the fresh air and with whisky. Infinitely better.

Walking Whisky Wellness is equal parts transformative, informative and restorative. It’s networking for those of us who prefer meeting people. Go.
— Tom Tobia, Makerversity Co-Founder